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The Screenwriters Stories Seminar began in 2009 when the approach on the subject was limited to the spheres of “traditional media”: movies, tele dramaturgy, TV fictions, advertising (commercial and institutional films), comics, sound pieces, etc.

In parallel, in the same period, Brazilian screen-writers were already concerned about the professional organization mobilization and positioning of the category, aiming to expand the labor creative spaces and attempting to the recognition of the financial support to script development, which is an essential activity, preceding the financing of the productions themselves.

This positioning of the writers' class coincided with our perception, as academy representatives, of the considerable relevance of the script role in audiovisual production process, in fields other than the traditional ones especially considering advent and expansion of new content production and distribution platforms.

Resulting of the need of valorisation assumption and relocation of the professionals who discuss and deal with the script in its different spheres, emerged our  approximation of AC, Autores de Cinema (Movies Authors), and AR, Associação dos Roteiristas (Screenwriters’ Association) guaranteeing the interlocution between professional and academic universes, which is essential considering new prospects in a constantly updated market.

Today the Brazilian Association of Screenwriting Authors (Associação Brasileira de Roteiristas Autores - ABRA), a fusion of AC and AR, has a tight history connection with us, being a constant presence in all editions of the Seminars since 2009. Reason for commemoration!

These 10th years mark the historical series in the academic area which approaches the audiovisual under the axis of the script, the writers and all the subjects that orbit around this pivot.

In the course of these years, we witnessed the changes of the status script creation, the appreciation of the screenwriters as professionals, increasing number of people glimpsing the career of writer, as well as the expansion of academic researches, with the increasing production of dissertations, theses, books, websites, networks and the “Screenwriters (Hi)Stories Seminar” itself.

Our inaugural theme on the first edition, in 2009, was "The new audiovisual paradigm", which envisioned the future (now). This gradual importance of the script in Brazil refers to our bets were fortunately assertive. Today we can affirm that contemporaneity is marked by "script culture", which encompasses the universes of knowledge, curiosity, discussions and material exchange: a proper and relevant culture among its actors, with the power of diffusion and influence far beyond its generating context.

In 2019, we celebrate ten years of work marked by the (hi)stories of those who have been writing (hi)stories and who are corroborating the importance of the script in Brazil and in all over the World. After all, narratives can not be restricted by borders.

In this event, we will have national and international guests, new partners and those who are from long-time supporting. We will have, as a broad body of discussion, the opportunity to show what we do, what are the exchanges and the knowledge production.

Our theme of 2019 not by chance, in a universe of wide possibilities is "The X-Script", which proposes the discussion about the possibles and appropriate definitions to the narrative universe of storytelling and the era of the “Culture of the Script”.

Can you help us think about what are The X-Scripts? 


We count on you to define and write our history.

And it starts exactly by clicking here​


We´re celebrating all who are interested in
the X of the script.

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